Best Practices for Blogging/ Tweeting in Real Estate

Some real estate agents are now finding that using Twitter correctly can lead to a significant uptick in traffic and having engaging and interesting blogs can have a positive effect on their business. As time goes on and social media is at the forefront of how we engage the community Real Estate has definitely joined the party.  Although everyone was doing it I had to really figure out what this was all about. It was intimidating and confusing. There were something I needed to consider before getting started. I asked myself what is the purpose? What is my passion? How was I going to define my brand? There was one thing I knew for sure is I have to Listen, Add value and Engage. That mean I have to keep up on news, learn, provide customer service or perform market analysis. I was also going to follow other people that had content that I was interested in. My passion is Real Estate and I learned quickly that there is a lot of noise on Twitter therefore I had to focus on the things that interest me. Below are a few of the ways real estate has employed some of the social media blogging/tweeting best practices.

  • .Plan a messaging schedule plan working on the premise of 80% newsworthy content & 20% sales messages by directing traffic back to your social networks on all the social channels.
  • Make sure you have a good quality picture and great logo on Twitter.
  • Make sure your description is as good as it can be for both yourself and your company.
  • Set up Google alerts, RSS feeds, and subscribe to key websites for good content that you can share regularly.
  • Design a Twitter background that’s colorful and compelling. This is your shop window, and those first impressions count.
  • Include your Twitter logo on your email signatures, website, and all marketing material. You need to market the fact that you have a Twitter account.
  • Ask your friends/family to follow you on Twitter. And certainly suggest it on any client communications and on your letterhead.
  • Send an email blast to all your database contacts explaining that you are now on Twitter and encourage them to follow you.
  • Ask every single client that your staff speak to to follow you.
  • Set up lists on Twitter of your favorite followers and favorite subjects.
  • Write down all your suppliers. Then find them on Twitter, have conversations, and recommend them. A lot of them will reciprocate.
  • Follow reputable local companies — and create a supportive network. There’s strength in numbers.





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Realtors and Managing Social Media

There are a number of little things that can make a big difference when you are planning your strategy for social media management when you are working in Real Estate.

One of the biggest things that I find is extremely important and that is being consistent. You have to post content all of the time. It is a very time consuming task however it is necessary. You can’t post or tweet every now and again and expect to gain followers, you have to be there every day in order to see results. That’s where the social media tools come into play like hoot suite. This tool can allow you to schedule your content for delivery. You treat these scheduling of content like your drip marketing campaign the same way you send email blast, newsletters, post cards etc…except it is for social media.

Secondly be sure to have an idea of the type of information you want to make available and that will be relevant to your target audience. You can create a list of where and when you will get information so that you can keep track of the information that you are providing.

As all good Realtors know real estate is local, make sure you are providing information that is relevant to the locals, like the coffee shop, the best place to get pizza, your local parks, what is going on at school or on your local school boards, even adopt a school and showcase deserving schools for extra efforts in the community, events etc…

Know where the conversations are happening. It may not be on Facebook pages or twitter feeds. These conversations can be taking place in real estate groups on social media, in personal chatter on social platforms. Most importantly when you come across these groups have an opinion, take part in the discussion and have something of value to say.

Last but not least be sure that you can measure your success. Are you aware of when is the best time to post on Facebook or tweet specific types of information? Not only can you schedule your post and tweets on hoot suite you can analyze the data that is provided as well. There are so many analytic tools available that can help monitor the data needed to know whether or not you are right on target. Or not.

Overall social media have and will continue to be a place where you can provide existing and potential clients relevant information along with the continuous evolving technology there are no limits to marketing your real estate business.

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Two of the biggest social media tools that Realtors can use to improve business relationships

As a realtor we have to become masters at marketing to a person to person environment. We have to get to know our clients on a very personal level, get involved in the community, and connecting with the local market. The key is applying it to social media. Social media provides a way to further connect with local clients as well as groups of local people. This can improve your real estate marketing efforts. This is also a way to build trust and spread your marketing through friends of friends and ultimately get the word out about you, your company, your properties, financial and credit information.

It’s no secret that social media is a must in the world of real estate. Today’s buyers and sellers turn to the various platforms and come to quick conclusions on what you have to offer. It is a plus that you do actually having accounts on all of the main platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest) but using them properly plays a big part in how engaged your followers are.

Facebook this giant social media platform is undoubtedly the most popular. It has long staying power and people are able to like and share over and over again. You can post new property listings, sweepstake promotions, articles related to the real estate market, articles and tips for buyers and sellers, decorating tips and trends. Facebook can be used as a platform to share client testimonials to encourage your Facebook community to click and share. The one key to using Facebook is Post at the right time.  Based on trial and error you should probably not post late nights. Utilize the event invite feature to send to the people that will have an interest in the property or article you are posting.

Twitter it is limited to 140 character, fast moving and love a #good hashtag or two social media site it is definitely necessary for your company to have a presence. Provide useful information such as statistics, trends etc… Not a lot of listings and pictures of yourself. You must be careful on how you use the #hashtags because this is how they categorize tweets and make them more searchable therefor for realtors we want to always #realtor,# realestate, # firstimehomebuyer, # needanewhouseetc…so that the tweets are put in the right category. In this case you don’t want to use a #hashtag that associates you with the wrong group of people and hurt your reputation.

This is it; some of the differences in the 2 of the many social media tools and how they can be used by real estate agents. If you can tweak your social media strategy accordingly, you will soon see what all the hype is about. Think of social media as a place to build relationships and meet new people and not where you will make your next sale.    #bestrealtorincharlotte,#realestate,#realestatebroker

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